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I like to order rice and the boneless chicken, which isn't like chicken tender's it's like cutlet so I can make a dish similar to japanese chicken katsudon through easy delivery to my home and a bit of sauce and japanese mayo from the asian market. I don't know many places that offer this ingredient, but it is delicious and not chewy or full of cartilege like lots of chinese places


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Even though our order arrived a little later than we expected, the food was amazing! Portion sizes are great! We got way more food than we expected for the price. The chicken was cooked perfectly! I couldn't complain about the rice if I wanted to!! The beef egg rolls were like baby arms!!! Way bigger than expected! This is our new go-to spot for Chinese!!!


3 reviews
When ordering I had no problems everything on the menu was a reasonable price for your money and my order was correct when I received it and the food was very good and the customer service was great was on time just like they said it would be I would definitely order here again so anyone get a chance give them a try thanks for the wonderful experience


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Very good attitude when you modify your order, food is delivered expediently and the, delivery person is very professional. Also, the food is always good and tasty; this is the best Chinese Cuisine in Columbia. The shrimp egg rolls are great!


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I received a call just to confirm I placed an order. They stated that my order would arrive in 45-50 mins. My order arrived in 35 mins and the delivery driver was extremely pleasant and personable. Food was hot, fresh and great!

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The restaurant food was tasty. I'm concerned about the charges the delivery person showed me on the receipt. The promotion was not deducted. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a bad experience. Thank you.

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